Fozia Vasowalla

Cut Paper Artist

Nature has always fascinated me and I most enjoy zooming in on its little details. I have often found a snail’s lingering journey or the antics of an ant more interesting than the mundane tasks of daily life. But as life becomes busier it is harder to find the time to dwell on the little things that bring me so much joy. So I have chosen to capture not just the imagery but also the mood of those happy moments in my pictures. I use vibrant colors to render likenesses of the tiny things around me and make them larger than life.

I have been painting with various mediums such as oil and water colors since childhood until I started using the cut-paper technique. Working with paper and scissors comes naturally to me. If something piques my interest, I make a doodle of it on a scrap of paper which I then work with in my mind. I select my colors and start cutting when I am ready to translate that doodle into a picture – usually without any drawing on my papers. There are times when I do draw or measure before I cut. In the end, I hope my pictures bring as much joy and cheer to you as they bring me when I make them.

My pictures are available for purchase. Thank you for taking the time to stop and look.

- Fozia Vasowalla
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